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Why genomics aren’t delivering on the promise

To deliver on the goals of ‘precision medicine’, knowing how a person’s genetics, environment, and lifestyle work together to cause disease is essential. Current efforts face barriers, four of which play a major role.


data held in silos prevent sharing to improve data quality and enable discoveries.


flawed analysis from limited data availability and dependency on human analysis.


person’s genome data is owned by the companies doing the sequencing or research.


data insights are held within the department being funded, inhibiting collaboration.

Block23 tokens will provide free genomic scans to over 100,000 people, enabling them to collect and store health data on the Blockchain.  Instead of analyzing small population groups to establish possible correlations, the breadth and depth of data collected by Block23 will identify statistically significant causal relationships. Read more.

Personal Medical Lockboxes (PMXs) give people a Blockchain account for collecting, analyzing and sharing medical data, with full control and ownership. Medical R&D and health care industry providers offer crypto tokens in exchange for limited views into their Lockbox, thereby incentivizing people to place as much of their health data on their PMXs.

The PMX health care token 
PMX is the crypto token for exchanging value between people and the health care industry. As data is decentralized and of high value, people gain power within the health care industry and benefit from better opportunities to negotiate services.

STEP 1: People get a Personal Medical Lockbox (PMXs) to control their private health data and records.
STEP 2: Block23 ‘s AI reveals insights from genomic and health data from population groups.
STEP 3: Industry providers pay people with PMX tokens for access to their data and offer services.
STEP 4: People receive PMX tokens that are used for free genomic scans and other services

The Block23 app connects health data, accepts pharma and provider token offers for access to data and services, tracks PMX token spend and balances.

Big Data meets AI on an open platform that provides a shared infrastructure for researchers to use Block23’s Deep Learning and interactive data visualization tools. In a similar way that developer communities have propelled AI into everyday devices,  the Block23 community will evolve machine learning to identify pathways to disease. Read more.

Core Team

Dr. David Kerr
Chief Strategy Officer
Professor Cancer Medicine
Oxford University

President of the EU
Society of  Oncology

Prem Couture
Chief Architect, Founder
Tech Entrepreneur

Blockchain Solutions
Cyscom Ltd, Genex8

Dr. Weiyan Zhu
Clinical scientist
Shanghai Univ. hospital
China-Europe head at

Dr. Gualberto Ruaño
Business Development
Founder of Genomas, Founding CEO Genaissance Pharma,
pioneer in pharmacogenomics

Kasper Ditlevsen
GTM, VP Sales
Health Care, FMCG
Symphony EYC

Alexander Shivarov
CTO, Blockchain Architecture
Data Science, AI, Blockchain

Baumanskaya University

Koly Belostotsky
Deep Learning,
Ethereum Platform
Solidity engineer

CRM, ShareMyInsight,
Aplana, Baumanskaya Univ. 

Konstantine Lomakin
Head Corp. Banking
Evrofinance, Head Private
Banking Uralsib

Advisory Team

Kees Roks 
Big Pharma Engagements
CEO Novartis
Canada, Latin America
Head of Novartis Oncology
Western Europe

Prof. Havard Danielsen
Bioinformatics Lead
Director for Cancer

Genetics and Informatics,
Oslo University

Dr. Karthik Koduru 
Health Care Solutions
Technology Entrepeneur

Quincy Medical Group
Founder Pulsedin

Mick Yates 
Business Strategy
Board Member
Board Director, global firms

Dunnhumby, Proctor& Gamble
Professor Leeds Univ.

Alex Borissov 
Financial Strategy
Board Member
Private Banking

Founder Finaport
Credit Suisse, AIG

Dr. Sheraz Majeed
Board Member
Co-Founder Global
Blockchain Consortium
Medical Consultant NHS

Georges Al Medawar
ICO Strategy, Partnerships
Co-Founder of Omnistry,

Deep Learning algorithms create models on the genotype-to-phenotype relationship and cell variables in order to produce a disease risk model. The resulting comparative model establishes statistical significance for a potentially causal variant for a particular disease between the affected group of individuals compared to a control group of non-affected individuals.

Dr. Kerr, CBE MA MD DSc FRCP (Glas, Edin & Lon) FRCGP (Hon)FMedSci, contributes to Oxford University as Professor of Cancer Medicine, where he has worked with colleagues to build a new Institute for Cancer Medicine and Cancer Hospital. He is also Adjunct Prof of Medicine at Weill-Cornell College of Medicine, Xiamen University and the Second Military University of Shanghai.

David has an international reputation for the treatment of and research into colorectal cancer and the quality of his work has been recognised by the award of several international prizes and the first NHS Nye-Bevan award for innovation. He has published over 400 papers and has an H-Index of 80 associated with over 25,000 citations. He has founded 3 University spin outs; COBRA therapeutics, Celleron Therapeutics and Oxford Cancer Biomarkers. He has made a significant contribution to reforming the NHS as a Founding Commissioner for Health Improvement; Chair of the National Cancer Services Collaborative, Instigator of the Department of Health’s networked approach to clinical cancer research and developed a 20 year plan for the future of the NHS in Scotland, the “Kerr Report”.

David was elected Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences in 2000, the European Academy of Cancer Sciences in 2006, Honorary Fellow of Royal College of General Practitioners in 2007, appointed Commander of the British Empire in 2002 by HM the Queen and was elected President of the European Society of Medical Oncology in 2010. He has established INDOX and Afrox to improve the quality of cancer care in India and Sub Saharan Africa and has served as Health Adviser to two British Prime Ministers, Tony Blair and David Cameron.

Prem Couture is the CEO and principal architect at Cyscom-ShareMyinsight (SMI), a UK technology company developing technologies using AI and machine learning for big data analytics on consumer behavior. He is the co-founder at Genex8, a biotechnology and genetic venture formed with leading European scientists at Oxford University in cancer research with over 20 patents on biomarkers that measure drug response to cancer tumour cells, with the goal to improve R& D cycles via a cutting edge, cloud based bioinformatics platform.

Prem’s experience includes IoT sensor fusion and Deep Learning and is the inventor and patent holder of a technology that speeds up the neural processing of information as generated from computer generated graphics. He has extensive experience in implementing software technologies and solutions with leading enterprises in Retail, Life Sciences, Banking and Finance and is the founder of several international internet software businesses that developed and brought to the market a comprehensive Cloud Computing Platform and applications to major IT service companies such as Hewlett-Packard.

Prem’s current focus is on a Blockchain CRM solution for retail that empowers consumers via a universal reward currency, the REV token and Block23 for breakthroughs in cancer research.

Dr. Zhu has 22 years experience of Pharma and Consumer HealthCare businesses, has been the Business head both in China and Western Europe at Boehringer-Ingelheim (BI) a Global top 20 pharmaceutical company. He is the first Greater China Country Manager in Catalent (CTLT), NYSE and chest surgeon at Shanghai Huadong hospital. He is the Founder and CEO of start-up companies in the areas of precision medicine and brings extensive management experience in managing sizable multinational business as well as being a clinical data management expert.

Dr. Zhu has founded a first Precision Medicine commercialization platform in China, established a CLIA, CAP & China standard Clinical lab to service global market and form strategic partnership with leading Bio companies in UK/US such as the Oxford University Cancer Biomarkers company and has extensive strategy development experiences at both global and local markets as well as in direct to consumer communication in consumer facing medical businesses.

Dr. Ruaño has been an innovator and entrepreneur in the biomedical industry and advocate of personalized medicine for 30 years. Dr. Ruaño is one of the leading medical experts and executives in personalized healthcare and translational genomics worldwide. He is President and Medical Director of Genomas, which he founded in 2004.

Dr. Ruaño’s continued record of scholarship and innovation in precision medicine counts over 100 publications and 12 patents as of mid-2017. He has been principal investigator of research and development grants totaling $15 M from AHRQ, NIH, NSF and DOE. In his research career, he has developed systems for DNA-guided medicine based on genomics and clinical informatics. He has pioneered physiogenomics based on multi-gene DNA markers to the diagnosis of disease and prediction of human physiological responses to a wide array of clinical treatments.

In his prior biotechnology pursuits, Dr. Ruaño served as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer of Genaissance, which he founded in 1997 and led to a NASDAQ public offering and to several R&D partnerships in the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries. He obtained his B.A. degree from Johns Hopkins University, where he was elected to Phi Betta Kappa. He obtained M.D. and Ph.D. degrees from Yale University, where he was a Fellow of the NIH Medical Scientist Training Program and the Ford Foundation. At Yale, Dr. Ruaño invented the CAS System (Coupled Amplification and Sequencing) utilized for gene-guided HIV treatment (U.S. patent 5,427,911). He is one of the 28 alumni in the University’s history honored in the Yale Innovation Timeline.

Kasper is an accomplished, entrepreneurial and qualified Senior Executive in both a Corporate and Management Consultancy capacity in Health Care, FMCG and CPGsectors. Significantly experienced in operating companies with billion dollar P&L accountability and leading large multi-functional and multi-cultural teams with industry credentials across the the health care environment. Equipped with a demonstrable track record of success initiating, developing and executing sales, price, brand, and customer strategies focused on driving aggressive and sustainable revenue, margin and market share growth.

Alexander, M.S. in computer science, is a visionary data science executive with broad spectrum of domain expertise, technical knowledge, and proven success in bringing measurable added value to companies and domains (data science, operations research, machine learning, computer science, business intelligence, IoT). He has invented many synthetic metrics that work better than old-fashioned stats, especially on disparate data sets in a Map-Reduce, Hadoop environment. Alexander has developed and implemented computational biology tools and programs to support gene research activities and has generated and tested hypotheses on genome-scale data using analytical and statistical methods. Alexander has pioneered highly innovative visualization, machine learning, optimization and statistical inference solutions for pressing Healthcare and Life Science challenges using very large scale proprietary and public data sets, computing infrastructure and insights from expert Healthcare partners.

Alexander has led project teams development using Ethereum Smart Contracts written in Solidity and implemented hyper ledger solutions in the consumer sector ( He has been utilizing Bigchain DB for solving Ethereum scalability issues and IOTA Tangle for sensor fusion based solutions on Blockchain.

Nikolay holds a Master’s degree of engineering and technology in the field of computer science from Baumansky Institute in Moscow with experience in implementing smart contracts and Blockchain applications. Nikolay has strong mathematical background with strong knowledge in at least one of the following fields: statistics, data mining, machine learning, statistics, operations research, econometrics, natural language processing, and/or information retrieval. In projects involving major universities, Nikolay has created models, structured data and implemented algorithms to support analysis using advanced statistical and mathematical methods from statistics, machine learning, data mining, econometrics, and operations research.

Head of Corporate Banking at Evrofinance Mosnarbank, and Deputy Head of Private Banking Uralsib. Konstantin is a professional corporate banker and independent financial advisor on a diverse range of projects, ranging from commodities to aerospace engineering. He brings with him a unique blend of multifaceted work experience in banking, private wealth management, financial analysis and sales and marketing to support the REVOZ project at all pre and post ICO stages.

Kees Roks has 30 years of international big pharma experience gained in country organizations (the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Japan and Russia) and Regional Management (Europe, Latin America & Canada) with specific responsibilities in sales, marketing, project management, strategic planning and general management. He has in depth knowledge of all major therapeutic areas within the pharmaceutical industry and is the Head of Novartis Oncology. In this role, he is responsible for commercial development activities. Most recently, he served as Head of the Western European Cluster (WEC) for Novartis Oncology, which included the Nordics Cluster, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Portugal. Kees is currently the head of Novartis for Canada and Latin America.

Professor Havard E. Danielsen is a geneticist with a PhD in medicine from the University of Oslo. He is the Director of the Institute for Cancer Genetics and Informatics at Oslo University Hospital (Norway) and holds positions at the Department of Informatics, University of Oslo, and at Nuffield Division of Clinical Laboratory Sciences at the University of Oxford.  Danielsen is PI of the DoMore! project, which was the winner of a prestigious Lighthouse Project grant from the Norwegian Research Council, and he also serves as a PI at the Centre for Cancer Biomedicine. His research focuses primarily on DNA- and chromatin organization, using informatics as a tool to study genomic changes in cancer.

Dr. Koduru is a well experienced physician with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital & health care industry focused on Medical Oncology and Hematology. He is also a health-tech entrepreneur applying Blockchain in Oncology and aiming to bring price transparency in HealthCare . Skilled in Healthcare Consulting, Oncology, Hematology, Internal Medicine, Innovations in Digital health and Digital therapeutics, Biotechnology investing and Healthcare Information Technology (HIT). He is the founder of PulsedIn, a multi-utility social platform for Physicians, Patients and Organizations, enabling specialty-specific peer to peer interactions between physicians, provision to rate/review physicians by verified patients, price transparency in healthcare, medical bidding and peer endorsements for procedural skills.

Mick is an experienced Board advisor on the leadership, strategy implications and practical application of data based insights with a successful track record as senior Exec & Board Director in global firms, consultancy, start-up & non-profit. A visiting Professor at University of Leeds Business School, Mick led the team at Dunnhumby’s for creating partnerships with Clients across the world and was involved in Dunnhumby’s sale to Tesco and Kroger. Prior to Dunnhumby, Mick was Company Group Chairman (Regional CEO) of Johnson & Johnson  and at Procter & Gamble in Asia-Pacific.

Alex is a founding partner and Director of the Board of Finaport AG, a Swiss wealth management firm with offices in Zurich, Singapore and Miami, providing investment strategies and solutions to institutional and individual clients. Prior to Finaport, Alex worked at AIG Private Bank AG, Zurich, assuming responsibility for Private Banking in Central and at Credit Suisse managing operations in Eastern European and Asia.

Dr. Sheraz is the co-Founder Global Blockchain Consortium and works as a Medical Consultant for the NHS of UK for the past 15 years and was nominated for ‘Most Caring Individual’ at Newham General Hospital. He works in palliative medicine and as a consultant in the medical Blockchain space.

Georges is the Co-Founder of Omnistry and was the Chief Business Development officer at HumanIQ. He is actively in a wide specter of global focused n disruptive technologies. Georges is currently on a research and development project involving the study of Distributed Ledger Systems, mainly the applied uses and the resulting societal and economic implications to governance models.